Tasmania - TAS



Tasmania is a small island that is located south of Australia, approximately 200 kilometres south of Victoria. Tasmania is the smallest of Australia’s states and has a population of 473,000. This heart shaped island is 315 km across, and 286 km long. Dense rainforests, mountain peaks, alpine meadows, great lakes, eucalyptus stands, and fertile stretches of farmland are all easily accessible. Many smaller islands surround it, a couple of the more popular ones are: Kings and Flinders.

TAS’ capital city is Hobart, and almost half the population of Tasmania lives in or around the city, its population is 193,000. Hobart is a very distinct and beautiful city and well worth going to visit. Hobart’s beautiful harbour attracts boats from all over the world, and is one of the cities major focal points. Hobart also has excellent galleries, cafes, pubs and markets that happen on the weekends.

Tasmania gains it’s popularity from the great outdoor recreation opportunities that it provides. The mountains that cover the landscape, as well as the great architectural environment make allow for the extreme adventures to take place. There is great wild life that is roaming around the island, one of the most popular being the Tasmanian devil. Tasmania has a British heritage that shines through with its different culture and events. More than 20% of the island has been declared a World Heritage area, and nearly a third of the island is protected within its 14 national parks.

The climate in Tasmania usual stays around a mild maritime temperature. The summer season’s range from approximately 11-21°C (50-72°F), and the winter seasons usually stay in the ranges of 4-11°C (39-52°F).

Tasmania - TAS