Darwin English

Many foreign students come over to Darwin to study English courses to help them develop their fluency in the language. The ELICOS programs offered by institutes in Darwin are often pathways to colleges or universities.

Darwin Offers Career Pathways through Convenient ELICOS Programs

A recent survey shows that the number of students studying the English language intensive courses for overseas students (ELICOS) curriculum each year is rising constantly. A majority of the students pursuing ELICOS in Australia are Asians, such as South Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese.

It is also said that many choose Darwin as one of the suitable places to study ELICOS. Pristine nature, friendly culture, and part-time jobs to pursue internships or workshops on English communication, and many more are some of the important aspects that encourage visitors to choose the capital of Northern Territory as the most coveted place to study English.

ELICOS has become a popular study option for students coming from non-English speaking countries to learn English in Australia either to study further in colleges and universities or work further in various industries.

The growing need to study English is well prevalent as meritorious students or skilled workers did not get a foothold in Australia only because they lacked the art of communication in English and respond appropriately in a social get together or at their workplace.

There are numerous reasons why students chose ELICOS to improve their language skills and learn the culture of the Australians. For instance, many thought Australia had:

  • A perfect climate and social environment
  • Affordable living conditions, transport system, and entertainment
  • Opportunities to study further or start work right away after studies
  • Right education system at par with international standards to allow students to be assigned to an appropriate course

ELICOS and Darwin
In Darwin, there are not only internationally well-known universities which offer useful courses to the foreign students, but there are also vocational institutes, TAFE institutes that offer hundreds of job-oriented courses.

A beautiful city, Darwin is a prime spot for tourism where thousands of travellers come over each year from various parts of the world. There is no shortage of hospitality jobs, jobs on catering services, tourism, and entertainment. There are also jobs on various industries and farming in Darwin.

Students get the opportunity to take up ELICOS program that offers a direct entry for further studies. Pathway to industries is also possible.

Culture Exposure and Outdoor Learning

Almost all courses under ELICOS are not confined to classroom education only. The courses allow students to take part in excursions, outdoor jobs, farming, or team trip to a distant location in Darwin. The students learn how to interact in English and also learn Australian culture, respond correctly to people, and note social cues.

It is also possible to take part in English learning workshops or internship programs where the students work on-the-job in the hospitality sector. Many institutes regularly offer English courses, such as Charles Darwin University through its Navitas Darwin English Centre, Education and Training International language school, and many more similar educational providers.

Write to our student counsellors if you are interested to take up an ELICOS program and pursue your studies or job opportunities in Australia.